Lost and Found Pets

*Please call 311 for Lost/Found Pets BEFORE visiting the shelter. For details about available services, review our FAQ​s.​

Lost Pets​​

Have you lost your pet?

  1. Search at the Animal Shelter for your pet and register your pet online 
  2. Follow SacLos​tPets on Twitter
  3. Visit Local Shelters
  4. Post Flyers
  5. Place a Yard Sign
  6. Place an Ad​​

Download our new Pet Search Checklist. And, take the following steps to locate your animal:

Search at the Animal Shelter *online and in person and Register Your Lost Pet at PetHarbor.com.​  ​

Lost Cats

Lost Dogs

Other Lost Animals

For additional assistance, the Sacramento County Bradshaw Animal Shelter has a Lost and Found Team that can assist owners/finders by walking them through registering pets on Pet Harbor, offering tips on finding pets, navigating various shelter websites, and jurisdictions and answering questions about stray pets in the shelter. Call (916) 875-LOST (5678) or email BradshawLostAndFound@saccounty.net. All inquiries via email and voicemail will be followed up within 48 hours.

Pictures of some animals may not be available at this time due to behavioral or injury issues at the time of intake, or if ​we are experiencing photo equipment difficulties.

  • Follow SacLostPets Twitter:
  • Strays brought to shelter uploaded to Twitter with location found/picture within 30 minutes of arrival.

Other Tips to Find Your Lost Pet:

  • Visit local shelters and check websites every three days to see if your pet has arrived. 
  • Post flyers within a mile radius of where your pet was lost at vets, stores, schools, and churches.
    • Include date/place where lost, type/breed and your phone number (Don't list name on the flyer).
    • Sample Flyer
  • Place a yard sign in front of your house, with a photo of your missing pet and your phone number. People who find a lost pet often will walk or drive around the area, trying to find the pet’s owner.
  • Place an​ ad in the lost and found sections of papers and online bulletin boards.
  • Sacramento Bee (916-321-1234) or Craigslist.

Search neighborhood Facebook Lost/Found Pet pages

Found Pets

Finding Rover (a free mobile ap)

Have You Found My Pet?

Did you find your lost pet at the shelter? To Pick Up Your Animal:

  • First, look up the pet's Animal Shelter Number by searching the Lost Animals links above.  
  • Provide rabies vaccination history from your vet; your pet cannot be released until history is verified. Documents may be faxed to 916-875-5519.
  • Provide license status. Pets cannot be released unless the licensing information is up-to-date. ​Find out about licensing.  

Have you found someone's pet?

Please note, you​​ cannot legally keep ​or rehome a stray animal until after 30 days of searching for its owner if you chose to keep the animal in your home and not turn it into the shelter.

Not sure where to take the found pet? 

If you can't care for ​​the animal or it's injured: 

  • Contact veterinarians in your area shelters immediately. Many 24-hour immediately. Many 24-hour veterinarian​ hospitals will take animals after hours until a local shelter is open or will care for the injured animal.

Have you found a feral cat/kitten?

Local Rescue Organizations: