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Critical Need for Foster Providers - Kitten Season Early and Prolific

With the fair winter weather, unaltered cats are mating earlier and creating a critical need for Foster Providers. We need people to open their homes to animals until they are ready for adoption. Learn about fostering or help by donating foster care supplies! The "Help the Animals" tab has additional information. Fostering saves lives!


Reunited and It Feels So Good!

Owners Who Find Their Lost Pets at the Shelter Receive Free Microchips! *Donate to the “Chico fund” now… so we can create many more happy reunions! Learn more.  


Don’t Lose Your Pet – Learn Tips and Get the Lost Pet Search Checklist

July 5 is one of the busiest days at the Animal Shelter as we collect lost pets that bolted during the previous night’s fireworks displays. Learn what you can do to protect your pet and be sure to license your pet and have them wear ID tags. Lost Pet Search ChecklistAnd, follow SacLostPets Twitter. Read news release.


 Animal Fostering Lifeline – You can help save lives

The Animal Shelter takes in 280 animals weekly. This average fluctuates slightly year to year, but the number of animals entering the County Animal Shelter is staggering, no matter how you look at it. Become an animal foster volunteer! “Fostering animals is very gratifying and we make it easy to get involved,” said Volunteer Coordinator Celeste Ingrid. Read more.  

 Record Life-Saving Difference with Animal Adoption and Programs

The February live release rate at the Animal Shelter soared to 79 percent and has been growing steadily since 2010. In fact, December 2012 marked the highest rate ever achieved – 83 percent! The live release rate data is comprised of adoptions, return to owners, and animals going to rescue organizations. Read about other contributing factors and the statistics



 Drive Change. Donate a Vehicle Today

Your car donation benefits animals in need in the Sacramento community. You can donate cars, trucks, vans and RVs to benefit Sacramento County Animal Care. Learn more about vehicle donation or call 1-800-240-0106!



$5 Feline Friday Adoptions (1 year and older)

Top 6 reasons to get an older cat over a kitten: adult cats are calm “cool” cats; you know what you are getting; they pair better with other adult cats; average cat lifespan is 16 years – and up to 20+; on Fridays the adoption fee is only $5; and the best reason… you could be their last chance! 


Resource for Feral and Community Cats 

Do you need help with stray or un-owned cats in your Sacramento neighborhood or place of work?  SacFerals.com is a place that can help you with all sorts of things related to feral or community cats!   



Rocky is a fighter! Help Us Save More Lives!

Rocky is a sweet 6 year old Chihuahua and was also a case of cruelty/neglect. He came to us lethargic, horrifically emaciated with open pressure sores and severe muscle atrophy, and within an advanced stage of diabetes. After several months of critical care, including repeated blood glucose testing, Rocky is doing fantastic and is now ready for a loving home. See before and after photos, and read more about how to adopt Rocky. Providing extensive medical care is a financial challenge for a municipal shelter such as ours and your donations help make these types of
successes possible. Even the smallest contributions can add up to some of the biggest happy endings! 

Donate to Rocky and other animals like him in need.

 Rodent problems? Adopt a Barn Cat!

If you have rodents, we can help with our new Working Cat Program! There is no adoption fee for these unsuited house pets – but they will work hard for you in your barn, warehouse or garden shed. Our Barn Cats are altered and vaccinated – you just provide food, water and shelter.  Get all-natural pest control and save a hard-working cat! View flyer and news release.​




Free Engraved Tag

Visit our shelter to adopt, redeem, license or vaccinate your pet during our monthly clinics, and receive a free personalize tag while you wait. Remember, a visible ID tag is a must for all pets. Thank you to the ASPCA for the funding to make this possible!​

Need Foster Care Providers to Help save Lives

Right now, kitten season is especially challenging, but year-round, we need people to open their homes to animals until they are ready for adoption. Learn about fostering or help by donating foster care supplies! The "Help the Animals" tab has additional information. Fostering saves lives!​


 Success Story:  Sophie Began, Feral & Injured; Now, an Adopted “Dream Kitty”

Sophie is a dream kitty.  We all just love her!  She loves the laser and playing ball.  What is unique and special about her, is she has taken a fondness to my oldest son.  He is so good with her. Read more about Sophie and other Success Stories.​



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