Barn & Garden Cat Adoptions

Have a rodent problem? We can Help! Got mice? Adopt a barn or garden cat today!

​​We feel very passionately about saving cats that do not meet the criteria for regular adoption as social, indoor house cats. Our Barn & Garden Cats programs put the cats to work as all-natural rodent control for ranchers, farmers, wineries, warehouses, business owners, homeowners, and more while giving the cats a place to call home.

There is no adoption fee; the cats are altered, vaccinated, ear-tipped, and microchipped. You simply provide daily food, water, and safe outdoor shelter! 

Prior to submitting the application, please take a few minutes to read our Acclimati​on Instructions AND very important F​AQs​ that will explain basic requirements and answer many common questions.

Ready to complete the Barn & Garden Cat Adoption Applica​tion? Once you've entered your information, simply click the "submit button", or email it to Celeste Ingrid at  ​