Complaint Process

Filing a complaint (in the unincorporated County):

Call (9​16) 368-PETS (7387).

Please provide the following information: 

  • Exact location, with street names and addresses 
  • Complete description of the animal - size, color, breed, gender  
  • Nature of the abuse or problem  
  • License plates of owners  
  • Address and description of the home and suspected person 

Learn more about how to file a complaint through the County's 311 Connect. Learn more about animal on animal violence.

The investigation:

The Chief Animal Control Officer will assign an officer to investigate the issue.

If no information is verified, the animal cannot be located, or further information deems the complaint to be unfounded, the complaint is closed.

If the complaint is found to have merit, the officer will take the next necessary steps to move the issue forward.

Vicious animal complaints require a vicious animal affidavit to be filed; at this time the Chief Officer will open an investigation. 

After the investigation:

If an animal has been abandoned or is being kept in an unsafe or unsatisfactory condition, a notice to impound the animal within two (2) business days is posted at the location by the officer. This two day period is required by law. 

At the end of the two days the officer returns, and if the situation is not corrected, the animal is impounded.

If the animal is deemed to be in immediate danger, a hazard to others in the community or needs to be quarantined, the officers have the discretion to impound the animal immediately without the notice.