Responsible Pet Ownership

Being a responsible pet owner takes time, resources, patience, and love. It requires the proper sized home and yard, as well as the finances to provide for health care vaccinations.  If you see an animal in danger, please contact the Sheriff's office.  We depend on the eyes of the public to help us do our job; report animal cruelty cases by calling 3-1-1 in the unincorporated county, or if outside of the unincorporated county, call 916-875-4311.

Remember puppies and kittens are a lifetime commitment:

Average lifespan of pets:

Cats - 15 years * Dogs - 12 years * Parrots - 75 years

Costs of owning a pet: 


Average ANNUAL cost of caring for a 45 lb. dog

Vaccinations and exams




Lab Tests


Heart worm & flea


Total cost 



  • Choose a pet that fits your lifestyle
  • Insure your home is pet safe-lock medicines and cleaners away
  • Provide veterinary care for your pet
  • Keep identification tags on your pet
  • Obedience train and socialize your animal
  • Don't let pets run loose
  • Provide your pet the proper diet - avoid obesity
  • Know which foods and plants are harmful to your pets
  • Make sure your pets get the proper amount of exercise
  • Take extra precautions during holidays like 4th of July and Halloween
  • Be kind to your pets and show them love --- they will reward you many times over!