Online Licensing

License Now!

Sacramento County Animal Care provides pet licensing for residents of the unincorporated area of Sacramento County.

IMPORTANT: If you live within the limits of a city located in the Greater Sacramento region, please see the below links for licensing in your area:

  • New License: Click License Now to begin the licensing process! Have your pet's rabies vaccination paperwork ready. ​
  • ​​License Renewal: Click License Now! Have your pet's license number and rabies vaccination paperwork ready.
  • Replacement Tag: If you are renewing your animal license, you will not receive a new tag unless you indicate it. If your license is still current and you are only looking for a replacement tag, you can request replacement tags here. Be sure to include your pet's name and license number in the Comment box. Replacement tags cost $5.00.

Note: The License Now link and form take about 15 seconds to appear on your screen. An outside vendor is used for secure​ transactions. The form will open in a new browser window and the website will look different.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. 

Donations: While renewing, you can ​make a one-time donation to help care for the shelter animals! If you would like to make a recurring donation or to donate to a specific program at the shelter, visit our donation webpage​.