Easter Tips

Pets and Easter.pngStuffed Animals Are Better Choices for Easter​

After Easter, shelters are bombarded with unwanted rabbits and chickens that were given as Easter gifts. Resist the temptation to buy them for children during the holiday. Rabbits and chickens live up to 10 years and are excellent pets, but careful consideration is required. 

Safety Tips for Pets

  • Keep Easter baskets away from pets: Chocolate and tiny toys can be dangerous or fatal
  • Use plastic eggs instead of hard‐boiled for Easter egg hunts: Dogs find the elusive spoiled egg and can get sick
  • Keep Easter plants away from pets: The Easter Lily is a toxic plant that can cause kidney failure when ingested.
  • Warm spring weather: Your dog will be spending more time outside, so be sure your pet is wearing a license, vaccinations are up-to-date and is spay/neutered to prevent unwanted litters.