The Critter Outfitter!

Inside the Critter Outfitter

Permane​ntly Closed

Located just inside the entrance of the Animal Care Facility, the Critter Outfitter, our new retail store for pet owners, offers a wide array of items for your pet.  

Even if you are not able to ​bring a shelter pet home with you on your visit, you can support the animals by purchasing a high quality pet product.

Items for sale include: 

  •  Food Bowls
  •  Litter Boxes
  •  Leashes and Collars
  •  ID Tags
  •  Pet Toys

 ....and much more!

​​Leashes and collars available for sale at the Critter OutfitterAll income generated from the store will go towards promoting shelter animal adoption, assisting with the medical needs of the shelter animals, and supporting the work of the volunteers. The Critter Outfitter is
operated by TEAM (Teaching​ Everyone That Animals Matter), the Shelter's 501 (c)(3) non-profit partner.

Store Hours:

  • Permanently Closed​